About Cylex Signs

Why Cylex Signs...

Here at Cylex Signs, we offer the distinctive and elegant appearance of natural products with extreme durability and low-maintenance of our blended proprietary material.
Our signage is manufactured to the highest standards and brings creativity to a whole new dimension in signage. Whether it’s a golf course or a park, Cylex Signs will impress!

What is Cylex...

Cylex’s signs are a mixture of various aggregates and resins manufactured to resist fading, breaking, cracking and chipping. Sign color is integral throughout by using specialty colorants in the base material. Our signage products are sealed with a U.V. inhibited/graffiti resistant clear-coat to extend exterior durability. The product is available in virtually any shape and color.

Application of Graphics

Graphics and logos are etched into the surface of our products by sandblasting to give a dimensional look.

Weight and Thickness

Our standard signage material weighs approximately 15lbs. per square foot
Standard material thickness is 1-1/2”. Fabrication of thicker material, depending on the size of the design and sign, is available upon request.

USA Manufacturer

Cylex Signs has and will always ship product out of Phoenix, AZ